Unleash Your Inner Goddess and Manifest Your Dream Relationship with the Goddess Unleashed 
Advanced 8-Week Program

Unlock the Power Within You to Attract Extraordinary Love and Experience True Transformation!

From the Desk of Rikki Dymond
Dating Expert and Certified Coach

Have you ever felt a deep yearning within your heart for a love that transcends the ordinary? 

A love that ignites your spirit, empowers your soul, and leaves you breathless with joy?

I understand that longing all too well because I, too, have walked that path.

BUT let me take you back to a time when I was lost, searching for the missing piece to complete my happiness.

In 2015, my world was shattered. The devastating moment when my ex-husband walked out of my life left me feeling broken and utterly lost.

My confidence took a massive hit, and my self-worth seemed to disappear into thin air. I found myself navigating the depths of heartache and despair, desperately seeking solace and healing.

Within a few years, I stumbled into a toxic relationship, desperately clinging to the hope that my new boyfriend would bring happiness back into my life.

Little did I know that our love would be a destructive roller-coaster ride, marked by extreme highs and devastating lows. I had lost sight of my own worth, relying on someone else to validate my existence.

But then, something inside me awakened. I realized that my happiness could not be dependent on another person. 

I yearned to reclaim my power, rediscover my self-worth, and cultivate a love that would honor and uplift me.

I embarked on a personal journey of growth, self-discovery, and transformation. It was not an easy path, but it was the most liberating and empowering journey I have ever undertaken.

Through deep introspection and dedicated self-work, I rebuilt the shattered pieces of my confidence and rediscovered my authentic self.

Turning Point: The Path To True Transformation 

Fast forward eight years later, and I stand before you as a testament to the incredible power within each and every one of us.

My self-worth, confidence, and self-love are at an all-time high. I have found true happiness and fulfillment, radiating in my divine feminine energy.

Today, I am madly in love with a thoughtful, caring, and attentive man who cherishes and supports me. He is not only committed to our relationship but also to his own growth and self-improvement.

Together, we have built a partnership grounded in mutual respect, passion, and unwavering love.

And now, my beautiful friend, I want to guide you on a similar journey of self-discovery and transformation.

I want to help you unleash your inner goddess and manifest the relationship of your dreams. 

That is why I created the Goddess Unleashed Advanced 8-Week Program.

Imagine a life where your self-worth shines like a beacon, attracting only those who recognize and celebrate your inherent value.

Picture yourself radiating with confidence, grace, and authentic femininity, captivating the hearts of others effortlessly.

Envision a love that nourishes your soul, a partnership built on mutual respect, deep connection, and shared growth.

In the Goddess Unleashed Advanced 8-Week Program, you will embark on a sacred voyage of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. 

Module One: Understanding Energy

Week 1: Feminine Energy

✔️ Discover the power and essence of your feminine energy.

✔️ Embrace your authentic femininity, sensuality, and intuition.

✔️ Radiate irresistible allure that captivates the hearts of others.

Week 2: Masculine Energy

✔️ Unleash your understanding of masculine energy and its complement to your feminine essence.

✔️ Explore the dynamics of polarity and attraction.

✔️ Learn how to create a magnetic connection that ignites passion.

Week 3: Relationships

✔️ Deepen your understanding of relationships and their significance in personal growth.

✔️ Build a strong foundation for lasting connections.

✔️ Nurture love and create relationships that stand the test of time.

Module Two: Self-Love & Communication

Week 4: Confidence & Self-Love

Embrace unshakable self-confidence and unconditional self-love.

Heal past wounds and cultivate a deep sense of worthiness.

Step into your power and attract the love you truly deserve.

Week 5: Boundaries & Effective Communication

Master the art of setting healthy boundaries.

Express your needs and desires with clarity and confidence.

Develop powerful communication skills that foster understanding and emotional intimacy.

Module Three: Mr. Right

Week 6: Defining Your Ideal Partner

Get crystal clear on what you truly desire in a partner.

Explore your values, beliefs, and non-negotiables.

Align with a soulmate who complements and uplifts you on your journey.

Week 7: Dating in 2023 (Online & In-Person)

Master the art of modern dating.

Discover proven strategies for navigating online dating.

Create meaningful connections in both virtual and real-life settings.

Week 8: Creating a Healthy Relationship

Lay the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling partnership.

Cultivate trust, intimacy, and shared goals.

Ensure a lifelong journey of love, growth, and happiness.


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As a special bonus, we are also including:

The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior is meant to give you the body you would get if you were to push the kettlebell to its limits.

The people who have tried this program have seen the fat melt away and felt the body swell with muscle mass. 

At the end of the program, they could get in front of the mirror and see visible change —without needing to flex the muscles or suck in the stomach.

The program runs for 6 weeks. And each week, you will have:

  • Three days of metabolic conditioning and advanced kettlebell flows
  • ​Two days of strength training
  • ​One day of active recovery

All you need is just one kettlebell, the full Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program, and you are ready to:

  • Build lean muscle mass and get toned without looking too beefy
  • ​Carve a core that’s solid enough to handle demanding situations and muscular enough to get “wows”
  • ​Improve balance and coordination
  • ​Get better mobility and flexibility
  • ​Burn fat and lose weight. Research has shown that even a moderate kettlebell workout of 20 minutes can burn as much as 400 calories (the equivalent of running a mile in 6 minutes - the ultimate test for a recreational runner)
  • ​Increase muscle endurance which is beneficial in just about every activity, not only exercise 
  • ​Develop excellent speed and maintain a reservoir of explosive power 
  • ​Get a full-body workout every time you grab a kettlebell, eliminating the need to do other exercises (this will save time) 

All this and more inside the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program. 

    Here’s what people are saying…

    IKFF Founder says Bill Esch is Truly Best-of-the-Best!

    " Bill Esch is the Kettlebell Warrior, that rare breed of world-class athlete, world-class coach, and world-class student. Truly Best-of-the-Best, always striving, always, growing and always inspiring. Bill embodies a core value for me, which is leadership by example. He leads from the front by doing and showing the way. Athleticism isn’t enough, theoretical knowledge isn’t enough. Can do and can teach. Bill has it all and it is an honor to know him as a friend and colleague. Any chance you have to learn from Bill, run, don’t walk to train with one of the greats in the world of fitness and health education.”

    -Steve Cotter
    Director and Founder, IKFF

    Coach to NBA All-Stars & Olympic Athletes says Bill Esch will change your life!

    "I have traveled around the country working with elite athletes and exceptional high performers in many disciplines!  I have never met another true expert, in the field of fitness, who possesses more high-level knowledge across a wide variety of modalities.  Bill Esch is truly one of a kind and his knowledge will change your life!  I travel with kettlebells in my car and check his Instagram on a daily basis to learn new movements. His programming has me constantly looking forward to my next workout!"

    -Terry Shanahan 

    Nutrition & Optimal Performance Coach to NBA All- Stars, NFL Veterans, PGA Tour Players , Olympic Medalists, NCAA National Player of the Year, Elite Business Leaders
    You can indeed find lots of kettlebell workouts online. But finding one that’s as detailed as the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior (or one that has been tested to work) is difficult.

    I came across this information after decades of lifting the kettlebell and testing different program combinations.

    And I had the good fortune of working with amazing clients, some of whom are athletes who played in the NFL. This allowed me to see first-hand the power of this program.

    And today, you have a chance to get your hands on it.
    But first, ask your self this…

    How much would you give to have a lean, powerful, muscular body?

    How much would you pay to have the mindset of a warrior who is ready to conquer any task at work, in life, or at the gym?

    How much would you give to have all that?

    You would say it’s priceless.

    When I coach people, sharing this program in person, I charge $2,500/mo. But that’s not what I will charge you today.

    You will not pay $397 either, which is the regular price for this program.

    Instead, if you get this today, you will only pay $97.

    But There Is More...

    You'll Receive (5) Bonuses (Value $835) When You Enroll in The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior Program TODAY!!
    You'll Receive (5) Bonuses (Value $530) When You Enroll in The GODDESS UNLEASHED Program TODAY!!

    BONUS #1: 
    70 Places to Meet Men Off-Line Guide ($47 Value)

    Discover 70 unique and exciting places to meet men in real-life settings. This guide takes you beyond the online dating world and provides you with actionable tips and ideas to expand your social circle and create meaningful connections in the offline realm.

    BONUS #2: 
    How to Take Amazing Photos for Your Online Dating Profile ($47 Value)

    Learn the art of capturing captivating photos for your online dating profile. This bonus guide provides you with expert tips and techniques to showcase your best self, helping you stand out from the crowd and attract quality matches who are truly compatible with you.

    BONUS #3: 
    Flirting Secrets!! How to Flirt by Text and In-Person with Flirting Scripts ($127 Value)

    Master the art of flirting with confidence and charm. This bonus package equips you with proven flirting strategies and provides you with ready-to-use flirting scripts, whether you're communicating through text or in-person. Unlock your inner magnetism and create irresistible connections.

    BONUS #4: 
    Create Your Road Map to Relationship Success with In-Depth Ideal Partner Exercise ($157 Value)

    Get clarity on your relationship goals and create your personalized road map to finding and attracting your ideal partner. This bonus exercise guides you through a deep exploration of your values, desires, and non-negotiables, helping you align with the love and partnership you truly deserve.

    BONUS #5: 
    60 Minute Attachment Theory Presentation by a Registered Social Worker ($199 Value)

    Deepen your understanding of attachment theory and its impact on relationships. This bonus presentation by a registered social worker provides valuable insights and practical advice on developing secure and fulfilling connections, enhancing your relationship skills, and fostering long-term relationship success.

    That’s over $530 Worth of Bonuses that you are getting for FREE. 

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    However, we believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to experience this life-changing program without any barriers.

    That's why, for a limited time, we are offering the entire Goddess Unleashed Advanced 8-Week Program at an exclusive investment of only $497.

    Now is the time to reclaim your power, unleash your inner goddess, and manifest the relationship of your dreams. 

    Take the first step towards a love that surpasses your wildest imagination.

    Enroll Now and Unleash Your Inner Goddess

    Together, let's unlock the extraordinary love that awaits you
    © Rikki Dymond Coaching . All Rights Reserved.
    You have a chance to get into a training program that has made some of the world’s most famous athletes, helping them gain strength, muscle mass, and tone.

    Are you ready to challenge your body and mind for 6 weeks inside the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program?

    One More Thing You Should Know

    Ever wanted an effective way to raise your testosterone levels?

    Remember that this hormone is responsible for how much muscle you can build. And it enables you to recover quickly from workouts.

    And when it's in low quantities, muscles disappear to be replaced by fat and man boobs. Brain fog and erectile dysfunction may also become problems.

    Now here is what you should know.

    While any weight training exercise can help increase testosterone, kettlebells top the list. There is no need to put up with deadlifts (which you shouldn't do more than once a week).

    Or risk knee injuries that come with squatting. Or suffer the high impact of sprinting.

    Ready to train like an athlete for the next 6 weeks inside the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program?
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